from The Webster Times, 11 May 1934 (Volume 1 #34),

If the health of the two men permit, and their determination prevails, Webster will see two survivors of the Civil War, the last two members of Nathaniel Lyon Post, G. A. R., in the annual exercises of this day, but so many things might interfere. The day itself may not be of a nature to permit their attending; the health of either may upset their plans. But if all goes well, Elias B. Wakefield and Christian Holley will be seen, if only briefly, wearing their uniforms of blue, in the parade that marks the 1934 Memorial Day.

They will not march as they have on so many other years. Marching days have long since passed for the veterans of the Civil War, and their appearance, if all goes well, will be in an automobile. It will be a spectacle to stir the blood of every American, to see these two men, the sole remaining epresentatives of the Civil War, in the Memorial Day parade. May all go well with them, may the skies be bright, that they may accomplish their purpose.