from The Webster Times, 16 Nov 1934, (Vol. 1 # 88 )
Two Survivors Present At Ceremonies Yesterday

Officers of Nathaniel Lyon Post, G. A. R., were installed yesterday afternoon, at ceremonies held in the G. A. R. Hall on Negus Street. There was an attendance of 100 per cent, both members of the post, Elias B. Wakefield and Christian Holley attending.

The installing officer was Charles M. Leavens, the “right hand” of the post during the past several years, who has looked after all the detail work of the post, since the ages of the members reached a point where it was impossible for them to carry on. All the correspondence and secretarial work has been done by Mr. Leavens.

Elias B. Wakefield was established as a commander, and also as quartermaster, and Christian Holley assumes the offices of adjutant and officer of the day. Mr. Wakefield is 90 years of age and Mr. Holley three years his junior, the birthday of each occurring in January.

For many years the headquarters of the post were in the first National bank building. The rooms now used by Webster Council. K. of C. The first meeting of the post in this building was on July 7, 1876, and they continued to occupy these quarters until about eight years ago, when they moved to their present location on Negus street. The first meeting of the post after the institution, were held in Good Templars hall, in the William Shumway block, at the corner of Pleasant and Main streets.

At the installation yesterday, delegations were present from the Sons of Veterans and the Sons of Veterans Auxiliary. A brief social followed the ceremonies, and refreshments were served in charge of Miss Carrie Wakefield, daughter of the commander, Mrs. Una Burns and Mrs. Charles Leavens.