from The Worcester Spy, November 6, 1861 , (Volume 90 # 44), 

One Hundred and Forty Nine of the Massachusetts Fifteenth There


Capts. Studley, Bowman, and Simonds, and Lieuts. Greene, Vassal, and Hooper.

Philadelphia, Nov. 4--- An extract from the Richmond Dispatch of the 25th ult. gives the names of twenty two commissioned officers who had arrived there from Leesburg, to wit; Col. Lee, Major Revere, Adjutant Pearson, Assistant Surgeon Revere, and Lieut. Perry, of the 20th Massachusetts regiment, and Col. Coggswell of the 12th New York

Capt. Studley, Capt. Bowman, Capt. Simonds, Lieut. Greene, Lieut. Hooper, and Lieut. Vassal, of the 15th Massachusetts.

Capt Heffer, and Lieut. Harris, Hooper, Parker, Kearns, and Kearney of the first California regiment. Captain O’Meara, and Lieuts. Gilverson, and VanVorst of the forty-second New York regiment.

The whole number captured was 525, including 149 of the 15th Massachusetts regiment, 93 of the forty-second New York, 184 of the first California, and 73 of the twentieth Massachusetts.

The dispatches also say that Captain C. W. Rockwood of the 15th Massachusetts, and Lieut. McPherson of the Tammany regiment, had arrived, with 132 additional prisoners, and adds “four prisoners brought up from the Peninsula , claiming to be deserters, from the federal army, namely: Augustus Delaney of the 1st Massachusetts-----Dennis of a New York regiment, A. L. Hartwell of the 16th Massachusetts, and John Volyer of the 1st New York.

There are now nearly 2000 Yankees in Richmond, and the sooner hundreds are sent south the better. We are like the man who got an elephant in a lottery, and he didn’t know what to do with it.” The above is copied into a Baltimore news sheet.

Bodies of the Drowned at Balls Bluff Recovered.

Washington, Nov. 4---Owing to the rise of water in the Potomac, a number of bodies of soldiers drowned at the battle of Ball’s Bluff have floated hitherward. in addition to the five mentioned yesterday, as having been recovered at Chain Bridge, thirteen have been drawn from the river in the vicinity of Washington and Georgetown, and one near Fort Washington, twelve miles from this city. The recovered bodies have been buried..

New York, Nov. 4---The world’s dispatch says one of he bodies found at chain bridge has been recognized as Private Buford Co. F. fifteenth Massachusetts regiment.



15th Massachusetts VI