from The Webster Times, August 2, 1862 (Volume IV # 21), 

Contributions For The Soldiers

The following is a complete list of the hospital store recently contributed by citizens of Webster and forward to “Pennsylvania Relief Association.” The value of the articles, as near as can be ascertain, it will be observed exceeds two hundred and fifty dollars.

Forty-four and half pairs Sheets, $45.50  
Fifty-one and half pairs of pillow cases, $12.87  
Forty four pillows , $29.65  
Thirty seven and half pairs cot shirts, $44.48  
Nine flannel shirts, $4.25  
Twenty-one pairs drawers, $10.50  
Ten pairs pants, $12.00  
Eight linen coats, $7.75  
Fourteen wrappers, $20.63  
Two vests, $1.00  
Thirty-seven pairs socks $7.83  
Forty-seven handkerchiefs, $6.24  
Fourteen neckties, $3.00  
Eight collars, $.32  
Seventeen pairs slippers, $8.50  
One bed spread $.34  
Eighteen palm leaf fans, $.72  
Soap, $1.50  
Pineapple, $.25  
Honey, $.34  
Six papers Maizena (?), $.74  
Two papers Farina, $.25  
Corn starch, $.12  
Sago, $.18  
Forty-nine towels, $6.12  
One hundred fifty pounds bandages, $14.17  
Box and express to Philadelphia $11.50  
TOTAL $250.75

Mrs. M. E. Lewis, to whom we are indebted for these statistics, in behalf of the solicitors returns thanks to the people of this town for the noble spirit of benevolence with which their request for these supplies have been responded to. Mrs. Lewis has also favored us with the following extracts from letters and the full acknowledgement of the “Pennsylvania Relief Association,” forwarded on receipt of the articles which we gave below:

Philadelphia, July 18, 1862
Miss. Converse:
The box arrived safely this morning. You have responded nobly to my appeal.  As far as possible each article shall be faithfully distributed. You will have a formal acknowledgement from the “Pennsylvania Relief Association” through our Corresponding Secretary. knowing of your anxiety to hear of its safe arrival, I send this hurried note. my heart and brain are weary, with watching a loved sister who is leaving this world, only waiting patiently for the angels to open wide the mystic portals. I will endeavor to write you a more satisfactory note at some future time.
Yours very sincerely
Anna P. Little
602 north Sixth Street.

Esther M. Converse
Dear Miss; Enclosed please find an acknowledgement of the receipt of your box forwarded to Mrs. Litte last week. Understanding that lady had notified you of its arrival, I waited until the stated meeting of the society had taken some action upon it, before communicating with you. the contents are in every way satisfactory, and it is by far the largest collection we have yet received from any one source.
Anna R. Justice
842 North Eighth Street.

At a stated meeting of the “Philadelphia relief Association” of Philadelphia, held 7th month 23, the following resolution was adopted.
“Resolved that the Penn. relief Association for Sick and Wounded soldiers tender their grateful acknowledgement to ester M. converse and friends, of Webster Mass. for an exceedingly large and valuable box of dry goods, consisting of bedding, cotton and woolen clothing, ect. ect. in behalf of the Association,
Anna R. Justice
Corresponding Secretary


15th Massachusetts VI