from The Webster Times, December 20, 1862 (Volume IV # 40), 
Ladies' Soldiers Aid Society

For some time past the regular meeting of this society have been held fortnightly.  Hereafter they will be held every week.  The next meeting will be held Tuesday afternoon, 23d instant at two o’clock .  As business of importance is to be transacted, a general attendance is particularly desirable.  It may perhaps be well to state, for the benefit of such ladies as cannot find it convenient to attend the weekly meeting, that work will be furnished for any who may be disposed to take it to their homes.  We hope at this time that no lady of Webster will suffer her interest in this cause to become diminished.  Let there be a full meeting on Tuesday.

The society forwarded another box of hospital supplies, on Tuesday, to L. P. Rowland, agent of the Christian Commission, Boston, of the contents of which the following is a schedule:

12 Sheets.

7 Comfortables.

2 feather Pillows.

20 Pairs Cotton Drawers.

4 Pairs Woolen Drawers.

25 Cotton Shirts.

4 Woolen Shirts.

5 Thin Vests.

9 Pairs Thin Pants.

4 Coats.

10 Wrappers.

37 Pairs Woolen Socks.

5 Pairs Slippers.

25 Handkerchiefs.

18 Lbs. Linen and Cotton pieces.

1 Barrel Dried Apple, Crackers, Cookies, Sugar, Tea, Cocoa , broma, Farina, Maizena, Ginger, Cayenne , Mustard, Soap, Sponges, Combs,

2 Bibles

24 Nos. Harper’s Magazine, Pamphlets, Tracts, ect. ect.

Estimated total value---$137.57




15th Massachusetts VI