from The Webster Times, July 12, 1862 (Volume IV # 18), 
For The Times

I pause in the midst of pleasant duties and take a survey of my sitting room. My eye rests upon the piles of hospital stores for our wounded soldiers. Back of these, in imagination I see again the smiling faces and hear the cheerful words which it has been my happiness to see and hear within a few days past. Never have I been on a more pleasant errand, or met with better success than has crowned my efforts.

On the other side of the picture I see pallid faces, wounded limbs, tearful eyes, and perchance trembling hands stretched forth, while I seem to hear feebly articulated “God bless the people of Webster!” But ladies we have just commenced. Let us form an army of self sacrificing women, whose hearts sympathize with our suffering soldiers, and whose patriotism will lead us to give even dear friends, if need be, if need be cheerfully.

Some of us may have desolate homes, perhaps wear a widow’s weeds, or have hearts torn and bleeding over a parent or brother slain! If so, though we may be unable to erect a monument over their graves, we can dedicate pages on memory’s tablets which will ever remain sacred to their memory. Then in after years, when we turn those leaves and peruse anew those pages, we shall have the pleasure of reading, “duties well performed” Memory bells! Memory bells!

In after years may there be nothing to disturb the beautiful harmony of their ever varying chime! But sad thoughts will come, for there is a shadow over my heart and home tonight. Yet through the thick black darkness comes a ray of light, and hope, blessed hope wispereth to my heart of brighter happier days in the dim far off future..

M. E. L. (Mary Ellen (Goodell) Lewis, wife of George W., of Co. I)


15th Massachusetts VI