The Webster Times
June 7, 1862

For The Times
The Mass Fifteenth at Ball’s Bluff

The sons of Massachusetts are valiant and true
To our National colors of Red, White and Blue.
Through the fiercest of battles e’re fought in our land
The Massachusetts Fifteenth most bravely did stand
Stood firm in the face of the merciless foe,
While blood from all quarters like rivers did flow;

Through fire to our one, not a man could be found
Who wished to surrender or give up his ground.
When many brave soldiers lay slain at their feet,
And night overtook them, they beat a retreat
While shot from the foe flew round thick and fast,
On the opposite shore all danger was past.
The sufferings were great of those brave hearted men,

But all that escaped would meet the rebels again.
Some swam the Potomac, some sank in the deep,
Where the blue waves have lulled many heroes to sleep.
There is one I would mention, ‘tis young Colonel Lee,
Of the Massachusetts Twentieth, a hero is he;
Confined in a prison in Richmond I hear,
He forsook not his men when danger was near,
And there is another, a brave man must be;
Who shot those five rebels while he leaned on a tree;
Three wounds he received ere he gave up the day,
And was by his comrades borne bleeding away.
We would mingle our tears with the loved who remain,

While we cherish the memories of all who were slain.
May their souls rest in peace, since life’s conflict is o’re,
Till their kindred shall meet them on yon happy shore.
Massachusetts is proud of her gallant young men,
Who are patriots brave as their fathers have been;
May they ever prove faithful to their Country and God,
And the sweet boon of freedom shall be their reward.


15th Massachusetts VI