from The Worcester Daily Spy, December 29, 1862 , (Volume 17 # 306), 

Stevensí Platoon Gun  

This  is  the  name of a war engine that has been invented by Mr. W. X. Stevens of this city.  It is a battery of nine army rifles set six inches apart on an iron bed, and mounted on wheels like a piece of light artillery.  It is a breech loader, and each barrel carries an ounce ball.  Metallic cartridges are used.  A simple mechanical arrangement, managed by one crank, loads and fires the battery, and cleans away the shells of the cartridges.

The rifles may be centered at any point of or spread to sweep any breath of the field; and they can be loaded and fired at the rate of 18 balls a second, two for each barrel.  A shield of steel screens those who work the machine.  It is evident that this platoon gun can be made to do very effective service in many positions.  It would be a capital engine to place in ambush for an attacking party.  We hope it may be properly tested.

(Note: an article below dated 12 April 1865 tells how Mr. Stevens used his gun to celebrate the end of the war.)


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