from The Worcester Daily Spy, January 20, 1862 , (Volume 17 # 17), 

From The Fifteenth

 The Clinton Courant publishes a letter from a member of company C, in which he speaks favorably of Lieut. Derby, who has recently been promoted from second lieutenant of company H to be first lieutenant of company C.  The writer alludes to the new recruits who have been recently sent to that camp as follows:

 “The recruits are ‘working in’ admirably.  The first squad which came out have been placed in the ranks, and the second squad will be in two or three weeks.  A third squad are now at Edward’s Ferry, and are expected to arrive here as soon as the mud will permit.  The effect six months in camp has had on us is remarkable.  There are four recruits in the same tent with me, all large powerful men used to out door labors, and, judging from their looks, one would think they could stand any kind of weather.

When the tent is sufficiently warm for the old members in it, the recruits will shiver and shake as though they had an attack of fever and ague.  Let them heat the tent to their own satisfaction, and the others are as near roasted as they were frozen.  While the old timers go out to drill with nothing but a thin blouse covering their shoulders the recruits appear in their overcoats.  There is nothing like ‘getting used to a thing.’  The health of the company is very good.  Quite a number of the boys have been sick with the mumps, but at present only one or two are unable to do duty on account of them. yours truly,       W. J. C.

 P.S.  The recruits have arrived from the Ferry; there are three for company C, two from Northboro and one from Princeton .


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