from The Worcester Spy, July 16, 1862, (Volume 91 # 29), 
The Fifteenth Regiment

Camp, 15th Mass Reg. Mass. Vols.

Near Harrison’s Landing, Va.,

July 4, 1862

To the Editor of the Spy:---We wish to call your attention and that of the citizens of Worcester county to a fact connected with the efficiency of this regiment that has not probably occurred to you at home. Owing to the chances of war there are at present only ten officers on duty in the companies. Most of the others are suffering from disease contracted while sharing the hardships of the field. There are three vacancies that will be filled as soon as the commissions can be procured from the state government. There are four first lieutenants borne on the rolls of the regiment, but who are on detached service, two on signal duty, and two acting on the general’s staff. But there are four commissions held by officers who will not probably join their companies during the continuance of the present struggle. We mean of the returned prisoners who have not yet been exchanged. They have now been at home nearly five months, and must by this time have become satisfied, that they will not have a chance to return to their commands

Now although we have been perfectly satisfied that every opportunity should be extended to them for effecting their exchange, and we should all rather have them back again than any new men, still we think that justice to their brave men, as well, as to the few officers left for duty, demands that they should now resign their commissions to men who can perform the duties

We think that justice to the regiment demands that the public should know where its officers are, so that if, in the event of an engagement with the enemy, it should lose the same proportion of its officers as have the other regiments from Massachusetts, and for want of them should be unable to rally round the flag (God grant it may not happen) which we all so dearly love, both as the emblem of our national honor and the gift of our friends at home, that then it may not be thought to have happened through any neglect on the part of the few remaining , already worn out by their double duty and work.

H. Jorgensen, lieutenant, commanding Co. A.

C. S. Simonds, captain, commanding Co. B.

Walter Gale, commanding, Co. C.

J. M. Studley, captain, commanding Co. D.

Albert Brisser [Prince], 2d lieut. commanding Co. E

Lyman H. Ellingwood, 1st lieut. com’g Co. F

Thomas J. Spurr, 1st lieut. commanding Co. G.

Amos Bartlett, 1st lieut. commanding Co. H.

George C. Joslin, captain, commanding Co. I.

Leonard Wood, captain, commanding Co. K.

[Worcester county papers please copy]



15th Massachusetts VI