from The Worcester Daily Spy, July 8, 1862 , (Volume 17 # 160), 

The Fifteenth Regiment
City and County

The following members of the 15th regiment, in addition to those already published, have arrived at Philadelphia on their way home.  Henry Vibbert of Fitchburg , who was taken a prisoner at the battle of Ball’s Bluff and afterwards exchanged, Chas. E. Braman of Co. C., and F. Wood of Co. I.

Paroled Prisoners

The government has issued an order requiring all returned prisoners now absent on parole or furlough to report immediately for duty.  No more paroled prisoners will be discharged.  No more furloughs will be granted.  Those belonging to regiments recruited in New England and the middle states are to report at once to the camp of instruction at Annapolis for such duty compatible with their parole as may be assigned them by the officers in command.  These officers are required to organize them into companies and battalions , keeping those of the same regiments or states together so far as practicable.


Under the law enrolled militia consists of “every able bodied white male citizen resident within the state between the ages of eighteen and forty-five years, excepting persons in the volunteer companies, and idiots, lunatics, common drunkards, vagabonds, paupers, and persons convicted of any infamous crime.”  The law in relation to drafting the militia is explicit and absolute; and as it may be interesting at a period not very remote, to know the extent of the obligation which the state has upon its citizens, we copy the law, chap. 13, sect. 4, 5, 6,m of the general statutes:

Sect. 4.  The enrolled militia shall be subject to no active duty except in case of war, invasion, the prevention of invasion, the suppression of riots, and to aid civil officers in the execution of the laws of the commonwealth, in which case the commander-in-chief shall order out for actual service, by draft or otherwise, as many of the militia as necessity demands.

Sect. 5.  The order of the commander-in-chief may be directed to the mayor of to the selectmen of towns, who shall therupon appoint a time and place for a parade of the militia, in their city or town, and order them to appear at the time and place, either by leaving a written notice, or orally, and then and there proceed to draft as many thereof, or accept as many as volunteer, as is required by the order of the commander-in-chief; and shall forthwith notify the commander-in-chief that they have performed such duty. 

Sect. 6.  Every soldier ordered out, or who volunteers, or is detached, or drafted, who does not appear at the time and place designated by the mayor and alderman, or selectmen, or who has not some able-bodied and proper substitute, at such time and place, or does not pay to such mayor and alderman, or selectmen, for the use of the commonwealth the sum of seventy-five dollars, within twenty four hours, from such time, shall be taken to be a soldier absent without leave, and dealt with accordingly.



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