from The Worcester Spy, June 18, 1862 , (Volume 91 # 25), 
Presentation To Col. Ward

A large number of friends of Col. George H. Ward, ladies and gentlemen; met at Brinley Hall, Tuesday evening, last week, to present him a handsome sword and appointments, earned by his bravery and gallantry in the field.. the presentation was made by Col. h. A. Bullock, who made the appropriate references to Ballís Bluff, to the well attested bravery of the fifteenth regiment, to the well deserved promotion of Col. Devens, and of Lieut. Col. Ward to fill his place, to the appreciation of their services entertained by their fellow citizens, and by the ladies , who had mainly contributed to procuring the gifts which he now presented.

He also spoke justly and eloquently of the fallen of this and other Worcester regiments. Col. Ward, with great modesty of statement, expressed his gratitude for the sympathy and good will of his fellow citizens, which was all he could ask for the service he had rendered, and more than he has a right to expect. He trusted that his gratitude might not be measured by his efforts to express it, and that those who manifested their kindness to him might never have occasion to blush for a dishonorable or disloyal act of its recipient. The remarks of Col. Ward were made with excellent effect, and the large audience expressed their satisfaction and approval with much applause. the gift consists of a sword, sash and field glasses, all of them very handsome and valuable. The shoulder straps were the gift of Gen, Devens.



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