from The Worcester Spy, June 18, 1862 , (Volume 91 # 26), 
The Fifteenth Regiment :---The following letter has been received by Gov. Andrew:---

Headquarters, Gorman’s brigade;

Fair Oaks, near Richmond, Va.

June 13, 1862

His Excellency John A. Andrew: Sir :- Now that the smoke of the battle field has cleared away, I cannot forbear taking the opportunity to testify to the gallant, soldierly conduct of the fifteenth regiment of your troops, in our late contest, the bloodiest of the war. It was their fortune to be in a participants in a real, not imaginary, bayonet charge, made upon the most intrepid and daring of the rebel forces, and at a critical moment for our cause. Most nobly and gallantly did they honor themselves and their gallant state, and most proudly my she feel over them. With such troops in the field we are invincible, and the result of this contest with an unholy rebellion cannot be doubted. I wish, sir, in conclusion, that the history of the fifteenth Massachusetts volunteers may be made part of the history of the state, as associated with one of the most brilliant exploits of the war which the official reports will soon disclose to your Excellency, to whom I refer with pride and satisfaction.

I have the honor to be your Excellency’s ob’t serv’t W. A. Gorman,

Brig. Gen. U. S. V. commanding



15th Massachusetts VI