from The Worcester Spy, November 14, 1862  , (Volume 91 # 48), 

Correspondence of the Boston Herald

Warrenton. Nov.14, Massachusetts and Maine regiments are accumulating here. Among the are the 9th, 15th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 32d, and 35th Mass., and the 19th Maine regiment. The 15th now has 406 effective men in its ranks, including the first company of sharpshooters. In all about 1500 men have written their names upon its rolls, but death and disease have reduced its numbers. The boys who were on dress parade last evening went through their military exercises with an admirable perfection. They are well clothed, and appear cheerful and contented. The 15th left Harper’s Ferry on Thursday, the 30th ult., and arrived here on Sunday, he 9th inst., after a steady match of sixty miles, with exception of two days when they halted to guard Snickers Gap and Ashby’s Gap. The roster is as follows.


Colonel, George H. Ward, of Worcester, absent since Oct. 21, 1861.

Lieutenant Colonel John W. Kimball, of Fitchburg.

Major Chas, Philbrick, of Northbridge.

Adjutant, I. Harris Hooper, of Boston.

Surgeon, S. Foster Haven, of Worcester.

Assistant Surgeons, Henry Rockwood, of Westford, Theodore O. Cornish, of Millbury.

Sergeant-Major, Henry G. Bigelow, of Worcester, wounded at Antietam, probably will not return to the regiment.

Quartermaster, Charles H. Eager, of Fitchburg.

Hospital steward, Henry Deering.

Co A.---Captain George W. Rockwood of Leominster, a paroled prisoner, but now in the cartel of exchange, and absent from his command. 1st Lieutenant Hans P. Jorgensen, Leominster, in command; 2d Lieutenant Charles Stevens of Leominster.

Co B.---No Captain, he was killed at Antietam; no 1st Lieutenant, honorably discharged for disability; 2d Lieutenant William R. Steele of Worcester, detached from the regiment and acting as ordinance officer for the division; acting 2d Lieutenant John R. Murkland of Fitchburg.

Co C---No Captain, he is now colonel of the 36th regiment; no 1st Lieutenant, he was killed at Antietam; 2d Lieutenant Walter Gale of Northborough in command.

Co D---no captain, he is Lieut. Colonel of the 51st; 1st lieutenant E. P. Woodward, detached on signal service; 2d Lieutenant John S. Hall of Worcester; wounded in front of Yorktown, absent and will probably not return; No officer in command of the company, which is consolidated with Co K. (capt?) (W)ood commanding.

Co E---Captain Chas. B. Watson of Oxford; 1st Lieutenant W. Branch Storer, of Boston, and aid to Gen. Devens, at home sick and may not recover. 2d Lieutenant, none; Bernard B. Vassal of Oxford honorably discharged.

Co F---Captain Sloan, discharged for disability; 1st Lieutenant L. H. Ellingwood of Beverly, wounded at Antietam, and absent since: 2d Lieutenant Edward J. Russell of North Brookfield in command.

Co G---Captain Walter Forehand of Grafton, wounded at Balls Bluff and Antietam, and honorably discharged; 1st Lieutenant Thomas J. Spurr killed at Antietam; (Lieutenant) Holden of Grafton, discharged for disability; 2d Lieutenant Albert Prince of Oxford in command.

Co H--- Captain Amos Bartlett of Worcester, sick and absent since Oct. 1st.; 1st Lieutenant Henry L. Taft of Northbridge, detached on signal service and at Port Royal.; 2d Lieutenant Samuel J. Fletcher in command.

Co I---Captain George G. Joslin of Webster, wounded at Antietam, and absent; no First Lieutenant. Frank S. Corbin killed at Antietam; 2d Lieutenant A. J. Bradley of Russell in command.

Co k---Captain Leonard Wood of Leominster; 1st Lieutenant Church Howe of Worcester, detached and on Gen. Sedgewick’s staff. and acting Provost Marshall of Harpers Ferry ; 2d lieutenant George W. Bolster of Worcester.

1st Co. of Sharpshooters --- Captain J. Saunders, killed at Antietam---Henry Martin now in command; 2d lieutenant l. E. Bicknell. Capt. Plummer has been commissioned to command the sharpshooters, but neither he nor Lieut. Bicknell have joined the regiment.

The surgeon general has received information of the deaths of the following soldiers of Massachusetts regiments at Frederick Md., during the month of October:--- Alfred J. Snow, company G, 15th regiment; Edward Rings, company F. 15th regiment; W. Hazelton, company G 13th; C. Leonard, company I 51st; John B. Jenks, company C, 12th; J. B. Murphy, company K, 12th; N. C. Treadwell, company I, 35th.



15th Massachusetts VI