from The Worcester Spy, October 22, 1862 , (Volume 91 # 43), 


Worcester, Oct. 20, 1862

To The Editor of the Spy:---

In compliance with a request of the city authorities, I have for the past ten days, been busily engaged in visiting the hospitals in Washington and vicinity, for the purpose of seeking out wounded soldiers from the city and county, and inquiring particularly into their condition, to see whether or not they were receiving sufficient care and attention from the surgeons in attendance.

Appended below, is a list of the sick and wounded soldiers from this vicinity, and the various hospitals where they now are. The list is not intended for a full one, for many wounded men have been sent to New York and elsewhere, and others have obtained furloughs, and been sent home. Many of the men will probably obtain furloughs , as soon as they are able to travel, and many will be discharged from service. to any person wishing to make inquiries in regard to friends, or matters connected with my mission, I will cheerfully impart all the information I am able to convey. Charles B. Pratt.

Patent Office, Hospital, Washington,

15th regiment---Henry C. Ward, Co. C. fever and ague, wounded in hand; George E. Burns, Co. G. right thigh; Warren F. Osgood, Co. D. right thigh; corporal Franklin Gardiner, died Oct. 6th, gunshot wound in both thighs; Gustavus Graichen, knee; Albert W. Livermoore, thigh; William H. Gordon, leg; Alonzo Allen, both thighs, sent to New York Oct, 3d; Warren A. Walker, leg; James H. Kneeland, arm off; Jerimiah Donovan, arm broken and gunshot wound.; Warren Ellis, shoulder; Robert Welch, foot; Sidney S. Surtleff, arm, sent to New York, Oct. 3; Francis M. Watkins, arm; Martin Sherman, finger; J. W. Larned, diarrhea; Jerimiah B. Lamb, rheumatism and debility; S. W. Edgell, debility; George O. Williams, thigh, Henry W. Harrold, chronic diarrhea, bad.

35th regiment:---Andrew F. Shaw, fever, getting better; J. S. Niles, contusion; Melvin Clark, fever, doing well; George W. Cook, debility; George A. Pym, gunshot wound; J. O. Ackerman, contusion; C. Ransom, foot; John Tindall, thigh.

Capital Hospital, Washington15th

15th regiment---George A. Howley; D. M. Daniels, arm; Wm. Julian, leg, went to Philadelphia Oct. 11.

Trinity Church Hospital, Washington.

21st regiment---Jerimiah Harrington, Co. F. foot.

Judiciary Hospital, Washington.

15th regiment:---Leander Loring, Co. C.

35th regiment---Dennis Crawley, corporal Thomas McAdams, G. A. Spofford, Co. D.

Douglas Hospital,Washington

15th regiment---Francis Bacon, Co. A. chronic diarrhea; E. S. Kendall, Co. B, diarrhea.

21st regiment---A. W. Hale, Co. I; Job Lippett, Co. K. rheumatism, fever, ague; D. Hunting, Co. K. Consumptive; C. H. Greenleaf, Co. H., left knee.

25th regiment---George W. Young, Co. k., consumptive

Cliffbure Hospital, Washington.

15th regiment---Geo. A. Monroe, Co. G., debility;

21st regiment---C. L. Hawton, Co. D., debility; G. Chesney, Co G., thigh; J. H. Wheeler, Co. C., both legs; E. A. Jackson, Co. K., hand; W. R. Graves, Co. D., left leg, side, rightb arm; C. H. Murdock, Co. H.,hip.

Mount Pleasant Hospital, Washington.

15th regiment--- James P. Cornige, Co. C., thigh; James G. Johnson, Co. C., side; David W. freeman, Co. C., thigh.

21st regiment--- Peter Tukey, Co. D, rheumatism.

Carver Hospital, Washington.

15th regiment---L. S. Wheeock, Co. H., leg; David N. Gilmore, Co. C., sick; James M. Gray, Co. C. sick; Sergt. O. S. Oaks, Co. D., arm; M. M. Aldrich, Co. I., rheumatism; George J. Henry, Co. C., sick; Frank Eaton, Co. E., leg; Eugene Bennett, Co. E., leg; J. M. Sargent, Co. G., sick; Samuel Kilbert, Co. C; Pat Kelly, Co. K. left arm and breast; Pat Brennan, Co. A. diarrhae; H. H. Moulton, Co. F., sick; S. R. Kilburn, Co. C; C. E. Barnes, Co. H., debility D. C. Todd, Co. H, right shoulder; Albert Davis, Co. G. sick; C. S. Mitchel Co. G. Sick; George H. Payne, Co G. consumptive.

35th regiment--- Edward Brackett, Co. D; Chas. G. Hastings.

21st regiment--- Preston Warren, Co. D. rheumatism.

Harewood Hospital, Washington.

21st regiment--- H. H. Corey, Co. G. debility; C. H. Glazier, Co. E., debility; C. W. Chittenden, Co. A., sick; Walter S. Wright, Co. E., sick; J. F. Delahanty, Co.D., diarrhea; R. H. Carter, Co. D., debility; Lyman F. Thurston, Co. G. debility.

9th regiment---Wm. F. Knapp. rheumitism.

Finley Hospital, Washington.

21st regiment---J. H. Whitney, Co. B. debility; Geo. W. Newell, Co. K. chronic diarrehea.

Casparis Hospital, Washington.

21st regiment---John Parmenter, Co. E. sick.

Odd Fellows Hospital,Washington.

35th regiment---John Hewett, Co. G. fever; J. S. Hale, Co. F. hand, some fingers off; Chas. O. Day, Co. G. camp fever; Walter Peckam, Co. G. camp fever; James Green, Co. F. camp fever; C. M. Teel, Co. G. shoulder.

15th regiment, Nathaniel Putnam, died Oct. 10th.

Armory Hospital--- Alexandria.

12th regiment, David Welch, Co. G. fever.

College Hospital, Alexandria

21st regiment---Geo. Shea, Co. K. ankle; John Coettell, ankle.

Fairfax Seminary, Alexandria.

15th regiment---S. W. Commington, Co. D.; Edward Booth, Co. E.; Geo. Curtis, Co. H; Cyrus J. Dodd, Co. E. back; Edward Ennis, Co. D; Augustus Flagg, Co. B.; O. H. Hamilton, Co. F.; R. F. Laverty, Co. I. head; Peter Johnson, Co. I.: E. T. McKinstry, Co. E.; John W. Raymour, Co. F.; A. h. Slater, Co. I.; S. Sill, Co. E., Luther Stone, Co. E.; Oliver S. White, Co. E.

21st regiment---Frank Southwick, Co. C.

Convalescent Camp, Alexandria

15th regiment---Richard Hammant; Henry Waters; Priestly Young, Co. D.

21st regiment---A. A. Bailey, Co. D.: C. W. Cobley, Co. A.

Lyceum Hospital,

21st regiment---Asa J. Warren, Co. C., hip; E. G. Wetherbee, Co. k., both thighs.

General Hospital No. 1, Frederick.

15th regiment---M. Brennan Co. E. Oxford, leg and breast; Joseph E. Converse, Co. F., New Braintree, thigh; E. Fay, Co. D., hospital attendant; G. A. Petteplace, Co. G., Worcester, knee; J. Kemmick, Co. G., Sutton, leg and face; David Moore, Co. G, Worcester, both legs; W. E. Morse, Co. G. Grafton, hip; H. B. Olcott, Co. C. Clinton; H. I. Peverly, Co. C. Northboro, both legs; Samuel Stone; G. P. Whitman, Co. G.

City Hall, Frederick.

15th regiment---E. M. Bliss, Co. H., Worcester, breast; Theo. E. Holt, Co.G., Grafton, leg;
At the old Episcopal church, Frederick, the following of the 15th:---A. J. Snow, of New England Village, arm off, W. J. Oakes, Worcester, knee; E. S. Osgood, Clinton, elbow; Joseph E. Haskell, Oxford, arm broken; 
At the German Reform church Frederick---Benj. Whitcomb, 15th thigh. 
At Boussellís Academy, Frederick---Ed Ringe, 15th, knee. 
At the Presbyterian church, Frederick---F. J. Fairbanks, 15th, fever. 
At the Convent hospital, Frederick---E. M. Stevens, 15th.

U. S. Hospital Camp A, Frederick.

21st regiment---Seth F. Hale, Dana; H. N. Buroughs, Leicester, both arms.

15th regiment---J. W. Humphrey, Oxford, Arm off; W. Gleason, leg; E. D. Bemis, Chester, arm and side; Jerry Lynch, North Brookfield, leg; Michael Keitung, Blackstone leg; corporal Thomas Blasland, Webster, leg; John Sullivan, Worcester , (arm?) off; James E. Barlow, Southbridge, leg; E. Cudworth, Oxford, hip. 
At the Upper Schoolhouse, Frederick---T. Farroll, 21st, Northbridge, thigh.

Winchester Seminary, Frederick.

15th regiment---M. A. Towne, Co. F. Wales, thigh; M. Winn, Co. F. hip.

21st regiment---Charles Leonard, Deerfield, hip; George H. Holman, Petersham, hip; A. L. Brack, Blackstone, arm; N. Pratt, Ashburnham, foot.


15th regiment---Orrin Lathe, Clinton, shoulder and breast.

21st regiment---Lewis P. Atwood, Co. I., Athol, hospital attendant.

United States Army General Hospital, Baltimore.

36th regiment---Geo. H. Boyd, Co. E.; F. A. Makepeace, Co. G.

35th regiment---Wm. H. Cochrane, Co. G.

In Hospital, West Buildings, Baltimore.

15th regiment---Wm. Bachellor, Co. H.; Jas. Gardner, Co. I.; L. R. Haskell, Co. H.; K. Harwood, Co. H.

21st regiment---George Carter, Co. A.; John L. Clinton, Worcester, leg; Samuel A. Hill, Co. A.

34th RegimentóF. W. Mahan, Co. C.

Smoketown Hospital, near Sharpsburg.

15th regiment---Jas.O. Ladd., Co. I, arm off; Alfred Tourlellott, Webster, thigh and diarrhea; and failing; Patrick Elliot, Oxford, leg off; Simon Carson, Oxford, hips; H. D.Gitchell, Worcester, leg off, failing; Charles E. Gage, Webster, leg off; J. W. Dickinson, Leominstered, ruptured; Ed. L. Parmenter, Co. I. leg off, died Oct. 15, David M. Littlefield, Andrew Sharpshooters, Lowell, knee; W. S. Adams, West Brookfield, shoulder; H. Butler, Webster, thigh, bad; Thomas R.(?) Boss, Leominster, head; J. Bardaley, Webster, ankle; Benj. C. Wheelock, (Mat?)h Br(ennen,?) C H. Full(er?) ( Worces?ter), hospital attendants.

German Reform Church, Sharpsburg.

15th regiment---Jacob Bender, Webster, leg and -----.?

21st regiment---Thomas F. Sargent, hospital attendant in the Spring Hospital near Keedysville.



15th Massachusetts VI