from The Webster Times, Sat. Morning, Oct. 17, 1863 (Volume V # 32), 
Soldiers Aid Society

At the annual meeting of the Soldiers Aid Society of Webster, held on Tuesday, the 22d ult., for the choice of officers, it was voted to retain the present board of officers until such time as a majority of the society shall otherwise determine.

President,                  Mrs. S. C. Kendall.
Vice- President          Mrs. S. Shumway.
Sec’y and Treas’r       Mrs. F. D. Brown.

Mrs. Chester Clemens, Mrs. Nathan Chamberlain, Mrs. J, S. Carney, Mrs. George Keith, Mrs. John Thornton, Mrs Edwin May, Mrs. R. O. Storrs, Mrs. J. J. Robinson, Mrs. Cyrus Spaulding, Mrs. Rufus Freeman, Mrs. R. B. Eddy, Mrs. A. T. Sly, Miss Ester Converse

From the Treasurer’s report it appears that the  receipts of the Treasury for the year were $392.64.  Expenditures were 4318.26. Amount in the Treasury Sept. 22, 1863 , $74.28.

The generous contributions in money, clothing, ect., by citizens of Webster and vicinity, have enabled the society during the past year to forward to the Sanitary and Christian Commissions hospital stores to the value of 635.95, as follows:  To the Sanitary Commission at Washington, 1 box of hospital stores valued at 60.23;  4 boxes to the Christian Commission, Boston, valued at $418; Cash to the Christian Commission, Boston, $50.00; 1 box to Camp Parole, Annapolis, Md., valued at $107.72.  Most of the stores sent have been gratefully acknowledged by the Agents of the Commission at the different camps and hospitals.

The following Resolution was unanimously adopted by the society:

Resolved, That we hereby extend our grateful thanks to the citizens of Webster and vicinity, for their liberal contributions in money, clothing, ect. and for their hearty co-operation in the patriotic and benevolent cause in which the society is engaged.

The next meeting of the Society will be on Tuesday, Oct 20, in Webster Hall, at 3 o’clock , P. M

Mrs. F. D. Brown Sec’y


15th Massachusetts VI