from The Webster Times, 10 October 1863, (Volume V # 31), 
Army Correspondence

Camp Tyler

Near Baltimore, Md., Oct. 5, 1863

To the Editor of the Webster Times:

Cold weather has already commenced its reign in Maryland, and though not welcomed, it is an agreeable change from the terrible constant heat. Our camp commencing with but 290 men, who volunteered for the defense of Baltimore, has been swelled to nearly three thousand, mostly convalescents and stragglers from Gettysburg. Three hundred Pennsylvania troops have left here on a furlough of fifteen days, for the purpose of voting in the coming election for Governor of that State. The Ohio troops are expected to follow their example, to test the strength of Copperheadism and Unionism in Ohio.

It is rapidly becoming a doubt in this State, as to whether the draft will take place. Enlistments are progressing with every hope of success in evading the draft. Colonel Burney’s Negro Brigade has nearly reached the required number, and one regiment has already left for the South with a stand of colors presented by the ladies of Baltimore. Two, yes, one year ago, an attempt to raise a Black Brigade here would have been a hazardous undertaking, one which could not have succeeded without great trouble and cost.

From all drills parades etc., one could not but indulge in the thought that they were well drilled and loved their calling. Baltimore longs to hear from them on the battlefield, not once doubting their efficiency and able qualities for a soldiers life. All who have seen them are impressed with their cleanliness and the pride they feel in “going for a soldier.”

The scene at the boat, upon their departure for the South, was of course somewhat blended with the ludicrous. Kisses were freely given, and there seemed to be no end to the shaking of hands. At two o’clock the boat left the dock and dropped down the river with the tide. Their destination is unknown, but we expect to hear from them off Charleston.

Today the Maryland Institute opens its yearly fair in their building on Baltimore St, to continue till the second day of November. a grand display of machinery and all wares on which premiums can be obtained, is expected.

Sergeant Geo. Lewis and myself are the only representatives in camp from Webster, and will try and do our town justice in remembering it often.


15th Massachusetts VI