from The Lowell Daily Citizen and News, July 23, 1864, (Issue 2522 , Col. A), 
Gala-Day in Worcester (Letter to the editor)

The return of the 15th regiment and the reception ceremonies on Friday was the occasion of a general ou6tburst of genuine and heart-felt enthusiasm by our citizens in honor of the brave boys of this Spartan band.  Gov. Andrew and staff, accompanied by the Boston Independent Company of Cadets and Brigade Band, arrived in an early train; and at ten o'clock the booming of cannon on the common was the signal for moving of the procession, which was in the following order; City Marshal and Aids, Worcester Cornet Band, Worcester State Guard, Drum Corps, Fire Department, Band, Citizens, Distinguished Guests (civil and military), Brigade Band, Independent Company of Cadets, Gov. Andrew and Staff, City Government, Ex-Members of the 15th, followed by the remnant of the 15th regiment, numbering about 250 men. 

The route of the procession was crowded and characterized by one continued ovation to the returned heroes.  The reception ceremonies on the common were short and appropriate.  Mayor Lincoln welcomed the regiment in behalf of the city and county, followed by Gov. Andrew in an eloquent speech, welcoming the regiment back to the state.  Maj. Hooper, although suffering from wounds received before Petersburg, was present and nobly responded in behalf of the regiment.  At the close, by request of Gov. Andrew, cheer after cheer went up from the immense mass of people present.  The regiment was then escorted to the city hall, and partook of a bountiful collation proved by our citizens.  The regiment returned under the command of Capt. Gale, all the higher officers being either killed, wounded, or in prison.


15th Massachusetts VI