from The Webster Times, November 5, 1864 (Volume 6 # 35), 

For the Times

A Soldiers Welcome

We’ve been looking for our soldier,
Waiting long for you to come;
Now we welcome you as warmly
As your mother would have done

If angels could have spared her
To have seen this happy day;
May her blessings reach you, Johnny.
from “that land that’s far away.”

Pale with sickness, worn and weary
You have come back to us now,
But warm hearts at home have woven
Laurels for your youthful brow,

Laurels for the faithful soldier,
Who has been as true as steel,
In the battles fiery conflict,
In the march and tented field.

We have prayed, and we have waited,
For this joyful day to come,
When with warm hearts we could thank you,
For the loyal work you’ve done.

Starting in your manhood's morning,
As your country’s battle cry,
Waiting not for draft or bounty,
Nobly dared to do or die. .

Fighting to defend our country
And the flag that or’er it waves,
Nothing daunted, though your comrades
Nearly all had found their graves.

Fighting to preserve our Union ,
None so grand beneath the sky,
And the homes where friends are living,
And the graves where loved ones lie.

Braving sickness, war’s dread missiles,
Danger ‘round you everywhere,
While secure at home we listened
To the war notes in the air.

For what you’ve endured and labored,
With a loyal heart and true,
Please accept this feeble tribute
That we gladly offer you.  

Webster, October, 1864            IDA


15th Massachusetts VI