from The Worcester Spy, June 8, 1864, (Volume 93 # 23), 

Washington, May 29

Editor of the Spy:---Still the wounded continue to arrive, and this morning we found some of our gallant 57th boys who were in the battle of North Anna, and many of the 56th regiment also. The steamer “Connecticut” brought 860; “State of Maine” 720 wounded and sick soldiers, all of whom were in the late battles. The “Dictator” brought over six hundred rebel prisoners, including one colonel and 23 line officers. The former were taken to Old Capital, and the balance are to be sent to Point Lookout. They were from Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina, and some of them were shabby in the extreme.

Many of our men had ugly wounds, inflicted by nails, horseshoes, and pieces of iron, which the boys say were used freely. Lt. Col. Chandler is reported to have been killed on the night of the twenty-fourth, and if true the army has lost a brave and accomplished officer, who readily won the esteem and confidence of the men in his regiment.

We intend visiting Fairfax Seminary hospital Tomorrow, which is two miles west of Alexandria Va. From each hospital men are transferred or furloughed as fast as possible, in order to make room for those now arriving. We visited “Douglas” and “Harewood” (hospitals) this afternoon, and found several of the fifty seventh, all of whom are doing well, and a portion of them intend soon to join their regiment. Two large steamers filled with troops left for Port Royal this morning, and when the passed the vessel on which were the rebel prisoners they cheered loud and long for the “Star Spangled Banner,” “Uncle Sam Grant” and the “Union.”

Quite a large number of sick arrived today, and many were young men, but old in appearance, and looked actually worn out. Some thought though that it would seem so nice to get into a bed, where they would have an opportunity which privilege they had been deprived of for a long time.

The following arrived this morning from the late battles: Sergt. Karpeles (color bearer),57th; Corp. Bullard, H. 57th; private Harvey, W. Gould, I. 57th; Corp. J. W. Barnes, 57th; and private Thos. Doherty, D. 21st.

The following is a list of deaths at the hospitals, at and near Fredericksburg, and the date: Corp Wm. J. Fuld, I, 57th, May 17; privates Ensign Oakes, D, do, do; E. Wheeler, I, do May 16; A. J. York, K, do, May 20; David Kelly, E, 36th, do; Daniel Donavan, G, 57th, May 12; Frank Fletcher, G, do, May 20; Horace Cargen 57th, May 13; Isaac Batcheller, I. 15th, May 17.

A. B.(Alzirus Brown)

J. S. B.(J. Stewart Brown)



15th Massachusetts VI