from The Webster Times, Jan. 21, 1865 (Volume VI # 46), 

For The Times

Sister Spirit, thy sweet hymning
I have just been singing o’er,
And would fain send back an echo
From this busy Island shore.

 To you now I send kind greetings,
Pastor, people, loved ones all,
Would that I too, had been numbered
In that happy new years call.

Ellie's picture came same postal
with your poem and her face
Placed beside the printed column
Smiled on me with life like grace.;

 And imagination pictured
Pleasant faces gathered there,
Social converse, soul communing,
Every heart had thrown of care.

 May our Pastor’s hands be strengthened
Ever, by our earnest prayers;
And his heart be cheered by kindness,
Easing thus his many cares.

 Oh this earth life would be dreary,
Were it not for social ties,
And may kindness never weary,
But be wafted to the skies.

 As we journey down life’s pathway,
Mem’ry bells with gentle chime
Will bring back these pleasant bygones,
Even to the end of time.

 Were there in that wreath of flowers
Hearts of sorrow ,fades leaves,
Waiting patiently God’s bidding,

When He gathers in His sheaves?

 Noble one for country fallen
On far distant southern plains,
Leave a void in loving households
Which can ne’re be filled again.

 But we hope they’re surely waiting
On the bright eternal shore;
To embrace us, if the Savior
Is our friend, and ope’s the door.

 If our life-barque is entrusted
To His loving guiding hand,
We shall meet for aye those loved ones,
An unbroken joyous band.

 Every change of Time’s great hour glass
Dooms some cherished joy to death!
Fondest hopes and brightest prospects
Every day yield up their breath

 But our Father kindly gives us
Blessings new with every morn,
And we’ll wait a full fruition
When our Heavenly life shall dawn.

M. E. Lewis
New York , Jan. !6th, 1865

15th Massachusetts VI