from The Worcester Spy, October 26, 1866 , (Volume 95), 


 The 15th Massachusetts Regiment held its third annual re-union, Monday, in the city, with a good attendance of the brave men who followed the flag and lived to see it triumph.  Maj. Gen. Charles D Devens presided, and the association adopted a constitution to perpetuate the organization, to preserve a kindly feeling among its members, to assist those who need assistance, to guard the reputation of the dead and the living, and to manifest at all times that loyalty to the country for which its members did not hesitate to peril their lives.

 The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:

Maj. Gen. Devins, President; Col. J. W. Kimball, Fitchburg , Vice President; Rev. Wm. G. Scandlin, Grafton, Secretary and Treasurer; Capt. Amos Bartlett, Webster, Wm. B. Storer, Boston ; Sergt. Foster, North Brookfield , Capt. Fairbanks and Sergt. P. F. Murry, Worcester, Directors.

 A project to procure a picture of Col. George H. Ward, to be presented to the City of Worcester , was discussed, and about $200 was raised on the spot toward accomplishing the object, and a committee was appointed to take further charge of the matter.

 Business being over, the association dined at the Bay State House, where speeches were made, battles were fought over again, the dead were remembered, and the living encouraged and stimulated to continued patriotism and devotion to country.  The occasion was interesting, and considerable enthusiasm was manifested in keeping alive, and increasing the influence of the organization.

(Bay State House)



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