from The Worcester Spy, May 21, 1886 , (Volume 41 # 110), 

                                               THE FIFTEENTH EXCURSION  

                             Change In The Plan For The Visit To Historic Localities      

The committee of the 15th regiment having in charge the arrangements of the excursion of the regiment to Gettysburg and other places will in a few days send out the official circular of the trip.  By a new arrangement just completed with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, they have changed the plans previously made, and while the tickets will be reduced, the trip will be made much pleasanter.  This road will take the party on one of their trains from the battlefield at Antietam, going direct to Washington , passing down through the valley near Harper’s Ferry and Poolesville.  The headquarters of the party in Washington will be at the Ebbitt House.

 From there, such of the party as desire can go to Leesburg and remain over Sunday, returning to Washington Monday morning.  This will give an opportunity to visit Ball’s Bluff, Harrison’s Island, Conrad’s Ferry and Poolesville, The party now numbering nearly 100, will leave the Union Station in this city on the boat train over the Norwich road on the evening of Memorial Day.  Tickets for the trip to New York and staterooms on the boat “City of Worcester ” will be had at the committee on the train.

 They will arrive in New York at 8 o’clock Monday morning and be ferried across to Jersey City , where breakfast will be obtained at the dining room in the station.  At this station the tickets for the trip to Washington will be obtained.  Jersey City will be left soon after 9 o’clock, and Philadelphia will be reached about 11:30, where dinner will be taken in the station, the party leaving at 11:50 for Gettysburg by the way of Harrisburg, reaching Gettysburg at six in the evening.

 Wednesday morning the party will make a tour of the battle field  of the second and third day’s fight .  On arrival at the monument of the 15th Regiment Association, which is near the famous copse of trees, remarks will be made by Col. George C. Joslyn who commanded the regiment after the death of Col. Ward.  He will welcome the members of the party and will then introduce Gen. Charles Devens, who will make the address of the day.  

From this point the party will have an opportunity of visiting many places of interest, among them being Calf’s Hill, Spangler's Springs, Cemetery Ridge, the National Cemetery ,  Big Round Top, Little Round Top, Devil’s Den, Peach Orchard, Emmitsburg Pike, ect. On their return the party will stop at the monument erected to Col. Ward, which will at that time be formally dedicated by addresses by Gen. Charles Devens, Senator Hoar, Gen. J. W. Kimball and others.  The afternoon of the day will be passed in visiting the village of Gettysburg or the battlefield, as individuals may desire.  On the entire tour of the battlefield the party will be accommodated by Sergt. Holtzworth, a man who is thoroughly   acquainted with all the points, and who will give a brief lecture at each place of interest. He has been engaged for some time for this purpose, and will give much information.  The party will remain in Gettysburg until Thursday, the forenoon of which day will be devoted to making examinations of some of the places where the enemy held positions during the great contest.  Among these will be the woods from which Pickett’s division made its charge upon the lines of Union soldiers, near the center of which the 15th was placed.  This place is called the high water mark in the third days fight, and it is very near the location of the regimental monument.

 Leaving at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the party will go to Hagerstown, near Antietam, where an opportunity is to be offered to visit the well known Carlisle Barracks, where there are now 350 Indians being educated.  returning to Hagerstown , supper will be served.  The party have hotel accommodations engaged there.  At 6 o’clock Friday morning the party leave for Antietam, where the battlefield will be visited, as will also the National Cemetery and around where the regiment stood during the fight. 

 Lunch will be served at the grove near Dunker’s Church, and at this point General Kimball, who was in command of the regiment during the battle of Antietam , will make an address.  From here the party will be taken over the Baltimore and Ohio road, as at first spoken of, to Washington .  After leaving Leesburg the tickets are good for five days, and this will give ample opportunity to visit Mount Vernon , Richmond , Fredericksburg , and other places, if desired.

 The Pennsylvania road have arranged to send one of their officials from this city through with the party, and it will be seen that every courtesy is extended to all.  The committee have arranged for good accommodations at all places, and at the hotels with the exception  of the Ebbett in Washington , the rate will be $2.25.  Yet they have fixed it, for all those who feel that they must make the trip as inexpensive as possible, to obtain food and lodging at a still lower rate.  If there are any others who desire to go on the trip, and who have not yet signified that intention, they can obtain tickets on the train on the evening of the start, even if they do not conclude to go until a late hour.


15th Massachusetts VI