from The Worcester Daily Spy, June 4, 1886 , (Volume 41 # 122), 

From Gettysburg To Hagerstown

                                              Another Speech By General Devens

 The Spy’s special from Hagerstown Md., where the Gettysburg party stopped last night says: The morning at Gettysburg dawned lowery, but no rain fell  General Devens parted company with the tourists this morning, and was escorted to the depot by the other members of the company under Col. Joslyn, who marched them in fours, the ladies at the head.  Being formally drawn up in line the general lifted his hat and addressed them thus:

 “Ladies and Gentlemen:  I am sincerely obliged and grateful to you for this very kind compliment to me, and assure you I shall hold dear in memory this little episode.  I say farewell to you with much regret, but my engagements are such that it is imperative.  To my old comrades I bid an affectionate farewell.  Much do I desire to extend this journey to Ball’s Bluff, the old spot so interesting to us, and as I bid farewell to you at this place, more than ever memory of the farewell of our dead comes to me.  The farewells to them are more than to you living, for them we shall see no more.  We can but feel we are moving toward them, nearing the river which divides us from the large army gone before.  My comrades, I am deeply grateful for your kindness to me, and wish you a pleasant journey, as no doubt you will have.”

 The forenoon was spent in relic hunting on the battlefield and in driving to points of interest, many going to the scene of the first nights fight, which was not visited Wednesday.  Trips were made to gen. lee’s headquarters, where beautiful roses were procured., to Gen. Meade's headquarters on the Taneytown road.  A little below this point the 15th turned off to engage in conflict on the second day.  Gen. Sprague and Col. Joslyn with the widow of Col. Ward visited the location of the headquarters of the hospital of the 2d Corps, and established as near as possible the position where Col. Ward died after being taken from the field.

 This place which was naturally adapted to hospital locality, was where Gen. Sickles underwent amputation of a leg.  The party dined at 12 and took cars for the Carlisle Indian school, arriving at 2, where they visited the entire barracks, being shown about by the superintendent, R. H. Pratt, and spending two hours at this place.  The party arrived at Hagerstown at 6:30 and had a rousing reception from the citizens and Hagerstown Light Infantry, drawn up in line.  The party distributed to various hotels for the night.



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