from The Webster Times, July 5, 1889 (Volume XXXI # 19), 
Reviving War Memories. 

Twenty-eight years ago last Friday Company E, 15th regiment, left Oxford for the front, and , as is their usual custom, the surviving members of the company met at Oxford last Friday in reunion. The comrades met at the hall of Post No. 27 G. A. R. where these officers were selected:

President--- Capt. B. B. Vassal

Vice-President---Capt. Charles H. Watson

Secretary and Treasurer---L. E. Thayer

Directors, A. B. Yeomans, W. Y. Woodbury and Anthony Murphy.

Comrades were present from Rhode Island and Maine and from various parts of Massachusetts, twenty-five in all being present. The roll was called and many letters from absent comrades were received.

During the proceedings Rev. Albert Tyler created a sensation. He rose and said he had received a spiritual communication from Lieut. Nelson Bartholomew, who died in Philadelphia, in November 1861, on his way home. The message said that the spirit of Bartholomew was with them during the meeting, which was most enjoyable to him, and that he had the same love he had for his comrades as he had in 1861.

The comrades adjourned to Memorial Hall for dinner, after which, Capt Vassal called the assemblage to order and gave an address of welcome. Capt. C. H. Watson, the first commander of the company, Comrades P. F. Murray, W. Y. Woodbury, A. B. Yeomans, L. E. Thayer, Rev. Albert Tyler, Rev. Ithiel Johnson and others were called on and spoke of personal experiences and memories which were brought up by the stories of others.


15th Massachusetts VI