from The Webster Times, December 21, 1894 (Volume XXXVII # 43), 


 A ceremony of special interest to the people of Massachusetts , and particularly so to the veteran soldiers of the state will transpire at the State House, Boston , on Saturday, December 22nd, at 2 o’clock p. m.  The occasion will be the return to the state, as custodian of four battle flags, belonging to as many different Massachusetts regiments and carried in the War of the Rebellion.  The regiments were the 7th, 15th, 19th, and 58th.

 After 30 years these battle flags, some of them of which are so worn by time and the elements that they cannot be unfurled with safety, have come into possession of the State, and on December, 22d they will, with special and appropriate ceremonies, be placed in the glass cases of Doric Hall.  The programme of the day has been arranged under the direction of Capt. J. G. B. Adams, Sergeant at Arms of the Massachusetts Legislature, assisted by the secretaries of the of the veterans associations named.  Every member of the 7th, 15th, 19th and 58th Regiments has special invitation to be present and participate in the proceedings

 Each regiment will have its own room in the State House, and each association will have its own particular exercise.  The flag of the heroic 15th that is now returned to the State, was captured by the Confederates on June 22d, 1864 , in one of the numerous conflicts in front of Petersburg .  At the time of the capture, the 15th numbered but little more than a hundred men.  Nearly every one of them with the entire 19th regiment , were made prisoner by the evening of that day.  Both regiments were surrounded by a great force of Confederates and surrender was the only alternative.

 The flag of the 15th, then lost to the enemy, was the only one surrendered in all the many battles in which it participated. Secretary Edward A. Rice of the 15th Regiments Veteran Association, of Worcester has charge of the special arrangements for the association on that day.  The exercises of the 15th will be in the old State aid room of the Capital.  The address on behalf of the 15th will be by Capt. Thomas J. Hastings, of Worcester who is the senior living officer who was with the 15th on the memorable 22nd of June, 1864, when the flag was captured.

 The color bearer of the 15th on that day of its capture was Sergeant Charles H. Bartlett, then and now of North Brookfield .  Sergeant Bartlett has written Secretary Rice that he will be present at the ceremonies at the State House, and on that day he will receive from Capt. Hastings the flag he was compelled to give to the enemy 30 years and 6 months ago.  When Sergeant Bartlett again holds aloft the colors he carried at the head of the gallant regiment in victory and defeat, the scene cannot fail to be both interesting and impressive.


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