from The Webster Times, July 3, 1913 (Volume 54 # 15), 
“Gettysburg Veterans Returns Exhausted.”

Comrades Raymond, Healy, Hyland and Moore arrived in Webster yesterday evening on the 7 o’clock train, tired, dusty and in an all round exhausted condition. Their combined story in relation to the big Gettysburg reunion is anything but delightful. They left Webster Monday and delay in transportation landed the Webster veterans on the famous battlefield at 2 a.m. Tuesday in place of 4 o’clock p.m. Monday, 10 hours late.

Reception committees were lacking and all were left to shift for themselves. Boy scouts assisted materially in finding temporary quarters. Most of the Webster party lay in the open for (the) balance of the night. When morning dawned all seemed to be in confusion. Quarters assigned for Massachusetts veterans were occupied by a New Hampshire delegation, ect. ect. The heat was excessive and ambulances were kept busy caring for those who became overcome.

Mr. Raymond said that where 40,000 had been provided for, 70,000 were present and looking for accommodations. Mr. Raymond estimated that there would be a total of 300,000 in attendance on July 4th. Mr. Raymond received a partial sunstroke while looking over the field and is at present under the care his home physician He said that the veterans were leaving the grounds as fast as transportation could be secured to take them home.

The Webster delegation that have arrived, hastened home to take their cloths off for the first time since leaving Webster Monday morning. Mr. Raymond said that he thought it would be more convenient to come back to Webster alive instead of dead, so after taking in conditions and accommodations provided concluded to retreat for home.



15th Massachusetts VI