Purchase Genealogy

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Richard PURCHASE was born about 1785 in Dorset, England. He was a butcher by trade, and his marriage record in 1809 says he was "of Morden." There are several Purchase families in the Dorset area, and Richard may be related to one James Purchase who was baptizing children in nearby Bere Regis during this time frame.

In 1809, Richard married Ann BULLEN in the little church at Stock Gaylard farm, now in Lydlinch Parish, Dorset. (Note: By return of Parliament 1801, the Parish of Stock Gaylard contained 9 inhabited houses, occupied by 5 families -- 37 males, 40 females -- 61 chiefly employed in agriculture, trade, manufacturing and handicraft.)

Ann had been born in 1789 at Stock Gaylard, the daughter of John BULLEN and Christian PHIPHARD. Richard and Ann had their first child – John Bullen PURCHASE – in 1810 at Stock Gaylard. Other children followed with birthplaces noted in Morden and elsewhere in Dorset.

Note: Misleading information has been published about this family online and elsewhere, probably because the records are very difficult to access. The church records of Stock Gaylard have only recently been placed at the county recorder’s office in Dorset. Given the extremely small population, the original book is still in use. The same book which recorded the marriage of Richard and Ann Purchase in 1809 is still used to record events of those who live and work on the large farm today.

In the spring of 1821, Richard and his family went to Le Havre, France, where they boarded the ship "Cadmus" and sailed to New York. They settled in Flushing on Long Island where he pursued his trade as a butcher, as did his son and grandson.

In 1832, John Bullen PURCHASE married Susanna Bloodgood CUTTER. And in 1871, their son Richard married Caroline CARMAN. These marriages connected the newly arrived Purchase Family with some of the original settlers of Long Island.

Included in these records are also:

WATTS of Kent, England and New Jersey, with George Watts who served in the 8th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War.

SWENSON of Aspereds Parish, Alvsborgs, Vestergötland, Sweden

COCHRAN of Texas, including FIELDS and SATATHITE.

These online records are intended as general information to help make the connections. They should not be understood as the final word on these families, especially the old Long Island families. Any additions or corrections are very, very welcome. 

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