Views of Mortlach and Elgin, Scotland, as they are today ....
These are very big graphics files, and they will take time to download.  But if you have the patience, I hope you will enjoy them.  They are my own photography, and you are welcome to copies of any that you like. slh
The Mortlach Church Mortlach Church - Interior The Mortlach Church Celtic Cross
The Mortlach Kirk. The modern interior. The Mortlach Kirk. Celtic Cross (Edinburgh)
Mainstreet Mortlach Mortlach Cemetery Mortlach Parish House
The main street of Mortlach. The Mortlach Cemetery. Parish House at Mortlach.
Parish House - Elgin Cathedral Elgin Cathedral Elgin Cathedral Elgin Cathedral
The Parish House at Elgin Cathedral Elgin Cathedral. Elgin Cathedral.

(It was already a ruin in the time of James Oxford.)

Elgin Cathedral.
Elgin Church Firth of Forth
Original Elgin Church, probably known to James Oxford and his mother.  It was removed in the course of city renovations in the last century. The Moray Firth.



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